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Gloaming – aberration –



パナソニック株式会社が手掛ける「Wonder Express」の使用作例映像として、「Gloaming」の新作を撮影・制作した。

「Gloaming」シリーズは、photographer である shuntaro の private work として手掛けた作品。理想と現実の狭間で今の場所やあるべき姿、 自分自身の希望と、その反対にある醜さなどから逃げ、 ここではないどこかを目指す人々を描いている。それらのストーリーを軸に、 写真や短い映像を用いて、映画の 1 シーンや予告編のようなイメージで構成。

今回の「Gloaming - aberration -」は、台湾と日本の 2 ヶ所で撮影した。 異なる土地でも同じような疎外感を感じたり、何かを目指してもがいたりする2人の女性を主人公に、常軌や常識を逸した自分の象徴である化け物が登場。そういった前作との違いが「aberration」というサブタイトルに込められている。 また「Wonder Express」では、列車の客車をモチーフとした空間で新しい旅情体験を提案しており、4つの窓(映像機器)と音響で、さまざまな映像体験を提供。


Copyright © 2020 bird and insect Ltd.
※このコンテンツはPanasonic / KUKAN BORNのみに利用許諾している。

Panasonic Corporation shot and produced a new "Gloaming" video as an example of the use of Panasonic's "Wonder Express".

The "Gloaming" series is a private work by photographer Shuntaro.
The series depicts people who are caught between ideals and reality, running away from where they are now, what they should be, their own hopes, and the ugliness that lies in the opposite direction, and aiming for somewhere other than here. The work is composed around these stories, using photographs and short video clips, like a scene from a movie or a trailer.

Gloaming - aberration -" was shot in two locations, Taiwan and Japan. Featuring two women who feel the same sense of alienation and struggle for something even in different places, the film features a monster that is a symbol of their out-of-the-ordinary and unorthodox selves. Such differences from the previous work are reflected in the subtitle "aberration.

In addition, "Wonder Express" proposes a new travel experience in a space with a train carriage motif, offering a variety of visual experiences with four windows (video equipment) and sound.
The four windows are effectively utilized in this project by dividing the story of two countries into two stories on the left and right sides of the windows, by crossing the windows, and by using images that look like scenery viewed from the windows and images spread across two screens to create an effective visual experience. Sound effects are also fully utilized, with sounds coming from various directions. However, due to the Corona disaster, the opportunity to actually showcase these images in the exhibition space was not available, so the images were released on YouTube.

Copyright © 2020 bird and insect Ltd.
This content is licensed exclusively to Panasonic / KUKAN BORN.


Image Director / Photographer : shuntaro
Art Director : Tomonao Sakurayashiki
Director of Photography:Daisuke Abe
Photographer : Kizen Cho, Ryusuke Honda
Lighting : Hirotsugu Hamada
Editor / TC : Shuma
Retoucher : Akko Noguchi
Project Manager : Hiroyasu Suzuki, Mao Yashiro, Aika Tachibana

Hair&Make-up / Headpiece Designer : Kanami Kitagawa
Stylist : Kanta Wakabayashi

Music : Go Hiyama

Model : Mitsuki Shiina (Luuna Management), Lucia (THE CAT)

place / year

Tokyo,Taiwan / 2020


visuals for June 2022 exhibition by CASIO COMPUTER
bird and insect ltd. all rights reserved.


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