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bird and insect は、「面白い!」を作り、
想いを共に描く image branding partner です。

bird and insect is the image branding partner
that focuses on drawing out your brand story in a way that moves.

brand movie

We believe image is a form of language.
It is a powerful tool that helps convey powerful thoughts and ideas.

With the power of image, we see the world from a different perspective, and therefore, the dramatic and new is born.
Together, we change reality.

Such as a company with a rich history.
When we portrait its ideal out, a new surprise is made.

Such as a product that is not yet known to the world.
When we visualize its value, people's minds will be moved effortlessly.

Ideas are there from the beginning.

In light, color, sound, words, and time.
When we utilize these elements to convey the innate ideas, new discoveries are encountered.

We are bird and insect.
We are the image branding partner that focuses on drawing out your brand story in a way that moves.

mission statement


making reality more dramatic, bringing the dramatic to reality.







わたしたち、バード アンド インセクトは

image branding



What is appealing about your brand, and what kind of perspective is appropriate for your brand?

Image branding is a method of creating a "brand image" in the minds of customers by identifying the unique appeal of a brand from the desired perspective. We will help you create the right image that attracts potential customers.

what we do



From planning / direction to promotion proposals.

We can help you build the appropriate image and meet the demands of the times. Our services range from planning/direction to production (both photography and videography). We also provide planning proposals including suggestions and solutions for further development and promotion of the brand.

brand movie

bird and insectの世界観を表すブランディングムービー、2022年度版です。

We proudly present our brand movie of 2022, which portrays the world of bird and insect.



Above is our showreel of 2021 showcasing 21 highlighted projects produced from 2020 to 2021.


Above is our showreel of 2020 showcasing 18 highlighted projects produced from 2019 to 2020.

member list

1985年、東京生まれ。京都工芸繊維大学で建築・デザインを学び、広告系制作会社を経てフリーランスへ。2013年、University for the Creative Arts で写真の修士号を取得。その後、bird and insectを立ち上げ、代表取締役を務める。2017年には、日本のファッション写真史の研究で博士号も取得した。

Born in Tokyo in 1985. Studied architecture and design at Kyoto Institute of Technology, and went to freelance after working for an advertising production company. In 2013, he received a master's degree in photography from the University for the Creative Arts. After that, he launched bird and insect and served as the representative director. In 2017, he also received his PhD in the study of Japanese fashion photography history.

大学院まで機械工学を学び、株式会社リコーにてRICOH GR等のカメラ設計を経験の後、bird and insectの立ち上げに参画。映像業界では珍しいEvangelist(エバンジェリスト)として、専門知識やノウハウを分かりやすく体系化・翻訳して皆様にお伝えするのが役割。Youtubeやイベントによく出没。SNSでは愛猫(虎太郎)の力を借りて人間では角が立つような本音を語ります。

After graduating from grad school with an emphasis on mechanical engineering, Hayashi worked at Ricoh and was involved in the design processes of cameras such as the RICOH GR. He then took part in the launching of bird and insect. As a rare “evangelist” in the image&film industry, Hayashi’s goal is to systematize and simplify expertise knowledge and share it with everyone. He can often be seen on Youtube and at various events. Hayashi also shares his insights on SNS with the help of his beloved buddy cat, Kotaro.

20歳のときに居眠り運転で事故を起こし九死に一生を得る。その経験から、気持ちに正直に生きると心に決め世を渡り歩いていく。この21世紀に駆け落ちを経験後帰京し、フリーで写真・映像の仕事を行う。2017年1月、bird and insect所属。個人では自主制作のドラマや映画を制作する活動も行っている。

After falling asleep at the wheel and nearly losing his life in an accident during his 20s, he decided to make his way through life with a newfound sense of purpose and honesty . After eloping in the 21st century , he returned to Tokyo and worked freelance in photography and video. He joined bird and insect in January, 2017. He continues to work on independent films and drama s as well.

1989年、長野県生まれ。上智大学の英文学科を卒業後、アパレルメーカーで7年間勤務。趣味としていた写真を仕事にすることを決意。2018年、以前から交流のあったbird and insectに加入。言葉にできない感情で、写真や映像を表現したい。

Born in Nagano Prefecture in 1989. After graduating with a degree in English Literature at Sophia University, he worked for an apparel manufacturer for 7 years. After deciding to pursue his passion for photography full-time, he joined bird and insect in 2018, having had a relationship with the firm prior. A true believer that a picture is worth a thousand words, he strives to express emotions in his photo and video work that cannot be expressed through language.

長崎生まれ、祖父から譲り受けたminolta SRT101というカメラで、故郷の風景写真を撮影したきっかけに写真を始める。(有)六本木スタジオ入社後、アシスタントを経て独立。フリーランスでPhotographerを約9年間経験、映像の世界に興味を持ち、2019年6月によりbird and insect に参加。

Born in Nagasaki, he started taking pictures of his hometown with a Minolta SRT101 handed down to him by his grandfather. Gaining experience at Roppongi Studio Ltd. and later as a photographer’s assistant, he decided to pursue a freelance career . With a career spanning 9 years and an interest in the video world, he joined bird and insect in 2019.

1985年生まれ。学生時代より建築業界一筋で生きてきたが、30歳の時にスパッとやめる。その後、様々なクリエイターやものづくりに関わる企業や個人を多角的にサポートする仕事を始め、2017年11月より友人でもあるシュンタロウに声を掛けられbird and insectに参加。主にproducer/managerとして協力している。趣味はロードバイクでの旅。

Born in 1985, he worked in the construction industry since he was a student. At 30, a sudden career shift found him working to support various creators, companies, and individuals involved in manufacturing. In November 2017 he was invited by his friend Shuntaro to join bird and insect. Cooperates mainly as a producer and manager. Hobbies include traveling on a road bike.

高知生まれ。バイリンガルカルチャーマガジンWooly編集部、カメラマン福田秀世氏のアシスタントを経て、レタッチャーになることを選択する。2018年にbird and insect加入した後、1年間のパリ生活を経験。英語と古着と美味しいものが好き。どこに行っても面白く生きていきたい。パワースポットは、やっぱり下北沢。

Originally from Kochi Prefecture, she worked on the editorial team of bilingual culture magazine Wooly and as an assistant to photographer Hideyo Fukuda before choosing to become a retoucher. After joining bird and insect in 2018, she lived in Paris for a year. She enjoys speaking English, thrift stores and delicious food. Constantly seeking the next interesting experience, her spiritual power spot is Shimokitazawa.

京都工芸繊維大学で建築・デザインを学んだ後、都内インテリア会社に入り、8年半の間、生活用品の企画デザインを手がける。そこで革素材に出会い、4年ほど革職人のもとで製法を学ぶ。開発期間を経て、2016年10月に、レザーバッグブランドke shi kiを立ち上げる。2018年2月より、ke shi kiをbird and insectの一事業部として活動を続けると同時に、写真・映像の事業部にもデザイナーとして参加。

After studying architecture and design at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, she worked in the planning and design of household goods at a Tokyo-based interior design firm for eight and a half years. Upon becoming acquainted with leather, she studied under a leather craftsman for 4 years. After an initial development period, she launched the leather bag and accessory label ke shi ki in October 2016. While continuing to run ke shi ki as a business unit of bird and insect from February 2018 onwards, she also works as a designer in the photography and video business unit.


As a child, his dream was to be a superhero. However, upon learning the harsh rigors of the real world in his student days , he came to the realization that he didn’t have a Plan B. Video was the hero that came to the rescue, and now he puts his passion for thrill and excitement into his work.

1985年 鹿児島生まれ。広告代理店を営む父の元、10歳からVHS-C、中学からHi-8、高校からmini-DVを回す日々を過ごす。中高一貫の進学校に通うも、大学進学をせずに上京。婚礼撮影、スタジオアシスタント、プロダクション、機材販売会社を経て独立。4年間、主にガファーとして働く。寂しくなったので、2022年にbird and insectに入社。人生の半分以上捧げてきた映像のすべてを、ここにぶつけます。

Born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1985. Under the influence of his father, who ran an advertising agency, spent his childhood with various video recording device. VHS-C from the age of 10, Hi-8 from junior high school, and mini-DV from high school. Entered a combined junior and senior high school, but decided to move to Tokyo rather than going up to college. Acquired versatile skills through many jobs such as wedding cinematographer, studio assistant, movie production, and lighting material sales before setting up on his own. Working mainly as a gaffer for the last four years. Lately he’s got a bit lonely, so he thought he’d join bird and Insect in 2022.
He is ready to throw his entire experience on movie production, which he has been devoting more than half of his life to.

1997年 福岡生まれ。TV、ラジオ、音楽、映画。一人で没頭できるカルチャーが好きで見聞きしているうちに映像が作りたいという欲が出てきて上京。専門学校、映像制作会社を経てbird and insectに入社。自分がそうさせてもらったように一人で見て楽しめる作品を、このチームのみんなで届けたいです。

Born in Fukuoka in 1997, he is involved in TV, radio, and movies. Upon moving to Tokyo to immerse himself in the vibrant urban culture, he worked at a vocational school and video production company before joining bird and insect. His hope is that the work of him and his team will spark the same sense of wonder and interest that he once felt in those who see it.

1993年 長野県生まれ。大学在学中に写真家のアシスタントをする傍ら、自身の作品制作を行う。以降、都内制作会社でファッション誌やカルチャー誌の撮影を手がけてきた。2020年6月からbird and insectにプロジェクトマネージャーとして加入。麺類が好き。顎関節症のため、ハンバーガーは食べにくい。

Koike was born in 1993 in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. While in college, he worked as a photographer's assistant and also produced personal works.Since then, Koike has been shooting for fashion and culture magazines at a production company in Tokyo.In June 2020, Koike joined bird and insect as a project manager.Koike is a fan of noodles. He has difficulty eating hamburgers due to TMJ disorder.

1993年 東京都生まれ。学生時代は音楽に没頭、当時から映像に興味を持ちつつも、ファッション業界の道へ。数度の転職を経験し、好きなことで生きていくことを決意。前職アパレル会社のPR経験を経て、2020年7月からbird and insectにPRとして加入。YouTubeを毎日見ることが日課。いつでも音楽を聴いている。

Shirato was born in Tokyo in 1993. She was immersed in music when she was a student. Although Shirato had a strong interest in film and photography, she went into the fashion industry in her early career. After changing jobs several times, Shirato decided to make a living of doing what she loves.In July 2020, Shirato joined bird and insect as a PR person after working in Public relations at a former apparel company.Shirato watches YouTube every day, and she listens to music all the time.

1993年 石川県生まれ、金沢美術工芸大学卒。2011年の震災後、日本を応援するコンセプトのCMに感銘を受けたことがきっかけで、コピーライターを志す。主な受賞歴として 朝日広告賞、Japan Six Sheet Award、Metro Ad Creative Award ほか。2021年3月よりbird and insect のコピーライターとして入社。夢は、いつか自分が感銘を受けたような映像のキャッチコピーを担当すること。

Sugiura was born in Ishikawa in 1993 and graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. After the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Sugiura was impressed by a commercial with the concept of supporting Japan, which inspired him to become a copywriter. Sugiura has won significant awards throughout the years, including the Asahi Advertising Award, Japan Six Sheet Award, Metro Ad Creative Award, etc. In March 2021, Sugiura joined bird and insect as a copywriter. His dream is to write the catch copy for the videos that would impress him.

1997年生まれ。2015年に写真を学びに日本へ渡り、その後日本大学芸術学部で写真学科を卒業、2021年4月にbird and insectにフォトグラファーとして加入。古いカメラが大好き、たまに大判カメラでなにでもない日常を撮影している。日本食が大好きだが、紅しょうがは食べられない。

Kan was born in 1997. He came to Japan in 2015 and entered the department of photography at Nihon University College of Art to pursue his dream in photography. In April 2021, Kan joined bird and insect as a photographer. Kan enjoys Japanese food culture, but he can't stand the taste of red pickled ginger.

大小問わず、物語性のある空間を創造する仕事がしたいと思い、プロップスタイリストを志し2021年bird and insectに入社する。趣味はカーテン作り、好きな食べ物はブドウです。

After graduating from Musashino Art University, Department of Architecture, Kawamura worked at an architectural design firm designing new homes, offices, and renovation projects.
In 2021, Kawamura decided to join bird and insect as a prop stylist because she wanted to create the narrative in spaces. Kawamura enjoys making curtains, and her favorite food is grapes.

福島工業高等専門学校卒。卒業後、地銀の理事長秘書として従事。キラキラした東京の生活に憧れ、転職&上京。SaaSベンチャー企業のPM・営業事務・人事総務などあらゆる業務を経験後、1人バックオフィスを叶えるべく卒業、bird and insectに参画。テーマは共創。

After graduating from the National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College, Mayuko worked as a secretary to the president of a regional bank. Longing for a brighter life, she moved to Tokyo. After gaining experience in project management, sales, and HR, Mayuko joined bird and insect to pursue her dream as a solo BO.
Mayuko loves handcrafts, fortune-telling, musicals, Fukushima, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

1994年兵庫県生まれ。大学休学中にメキシコにて日本食レストラン兼ホステルの立ち上げに携わる。帰国から約4年間まちなかにある銭湯や喫茶店を活用した分散型ホテルの立ち上げに広報として従事。2021年11月からbird and insectにプロジェクトマネージャー兼PRとして加入。散歩が趣味。

Mitani was born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1994. while on leave of absence from college, Mitani went to Mexico and was involved in launching a startup Japanese restaurant/hotel. After returning to Japan, Mitani worked as a public relations representative for establishing a dispersed hotel. In November 2021, Mitani joined bird and insect as a project manager and PR. He enjoys walking.

1985年、大阪生まれ。メーカー、ITで新卒からこれまで人事・総務を担当。熱意を持った人が余計なことに気をとられず熱中し続けられる環境を作りたいと思い、bird and insectに加入。粉もんに白米合わせるタイプだが、上京してからは隠している。

Nobu was born in Osaka in 1985. after graduating from college, Nobu has worked in human resources and general affairs at other manufacturers and IT companies. He joined bird and insect with a mission of creating a carefree environment where creators don't get distracted by unnecessary things. Nobu has been hiding his carving for carbs ever since he moved to Tokyo.

1996年宮崎生まれ。大学卒業後上京し写真、映像の道で生きていくことを決心。憧れだったbird and insectに入社。フィルムカメラが好きでフィルムを自分で現像する。雑誌、コーヒー、お酒、美味しいものも大好き。

Kitahara was born in Miyazaki in 1996. After graduating from college, he moved to Tokyo and decided to pursue a career in photography and videography. Kitahara joined bird and insect as a place he has a longing for in 2021. He is a fan of film cameras and enjoys developing films. He also loves magazine, coffee, drinking, and yummy food.

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